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 "It's always best to call a lawyer instead of wishing you had called one.”™ - Ken



Something  that I have noticed is that almost nobody calls a lawyer when everything  is going smoothly. Usually, people seek a lawyer when there is a  problem. That's the way things work. But, that's OK because lawyers are  trained to help people figure out how to work out difficult situations.  That's the job.

The situations can range from:

FAMILY LAW -  Includes, but not limited to issues such as divorce, child support,  placement and custody, maintenance, and property division, to name just a  few.

BANKRUPTCY  - To help people who are overwhelmed by debt, this firm is a debt  relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy  Code. Bankruptcy helps people who need a fresh start. 

CHAPTER 128 -Chapter 128 is an alternative to bankruptcy, allowing you to consolidate your debt into one payment that you can afford. 

CIVIL MATTERS-  Includes, but is not limited to; Landlord-Tenant problems? Has someone  cheated you? Shoddy workmanship? Being bothered by a nuisance? Do you  think you need a Restraining Order?

CRIMINAL LAW/OWI & TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS- From time to time people make mistakes. A bad decision can lead to many complications. Call if you have a problem. 

"It's always best to call a lawyer instead of wishing you had called one." - Ken

Evening and weekend hours for your convenience!



Artis Law

103 Fillmore St

Black River Falls, WI 54615

715-299-5153​ (24/7)

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My office is in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. 

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School. 

I became a lawyer because I enjoy working with people. 

I pay attention to what you say to help you unravel the problem, or problems, that concern or worry you. You will have quality representation tailored to your needs.

I realize that it is not always convenient for you to take time off during the day to see a lawyer. Because of this, I have evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

 *Available 7 days a week!*

Artis Law 

103 Fillmore St

P.O. Box 93

Black River Falls, WI 54615

715-299-5153​ (24/7)


 "If you have a bone to pick, Ken's your guy!" - FlowerBear 

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Artis Law

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